the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs)


The BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) is focused breathing emphasizing an active, spine-stretching outbreath and a passive, relaxed inbreath.  If you are above ground, you will benefit from learning and using
the BreatheOutDynamic system

If you would like to read the first chapter of Betsy's soon-to-be-published book Just Breathe Out: Developing a User-Friendly Body, featuring the BreatheOutDynamic system, e-mail Betsy at betsy@btbreathingtraining.com with the words Just Breathe Out Chapter 1 in the subject line. 

This website is dedicated to occupational therapist Anne Lane Mavromatis (1934-1987) who
changed the course of my life and Ian Jackson (1943-2011) who inspired me with a new calling. BT

The BreatheOutDynamic system (formerly BreathPlay—see
Betsy's BODs Blog), is used with permission of the estate of Ian Jackson

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